GridMobility Named in Top 12 Smart Grid Companies to Watch

Named in GigaOM’s prestigious ”12 Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2012″, GridMobility is one of the few in the start-up phase where it is possible for investors to participate in the companies future.

GridMobility has built software and connected hardware to enable utilities to energy-consuming appliances as on-demand grid storage in conjunction with local clean power when it’s available.

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Auto show rides a wave of big sales

James D. Holbery, left, president and founder of Grid Mobility, Hans van der Meer of EV4 and A. Mark Walter of Christenson Electric Inc., unveiled a prototype electric vehicle charging station at last year’s International Portland Auto Show. Designed by EV4 Oregon and installed by Christensen Electric, the large, mushroom-shaped structure uses solar panels to directly charge vehicles or store electricity in batteries for later use.

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GridMobility Wins 2011 Global Cleantech Open Smart Power Award

GridMobility competed with more than 300 national entrants in the Cleantech Global competition to win the Smart Power category. GridMobility was also named one of the five grand prize finalists.

GridMobility Winner 2011 Cleantech Open Global Business Competition

Coalition Forming to Meet Demand for Clean, Affordable, Renewable Energy

Energy storage is key to meeting renewable energy goals. According to a recent KEMA study* without better energy storage options we cannot go beyond 20% of electricity coming from renewable energy sources and still have consistent access to electricity.

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Taming Unruly Wind Power

While not mentioned explicitly, GridMobility technology was featured in the Energy & Environment section of the NY Times Business Day.

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GridMobility Enables Zero-Carbon Electric Vehicle Charging

GridMobility with our partners North Coast Electric, Siemens, McKinstry, Leviton, and Oregon-based EV4 will unveil the first charging station in Seattle on August 31, 2011.  This is game-changing technology deployed in Seattle that will insure electric vehicles are powered by as much renewable energy as possible.  Moving forward this will aid to balance the grid, provide backup power on demand, and insure America is moving towards energy security.

NCE Press Release

Give up control of your water heater for the environment

Mason County PUD#3 pilot program was featured on Seattle’s KING 5 news coverage.

How Green is Your Electricity?

GridMobility Founder and President Jim Holbery presented a webinar to 2GreenEnergy outlining the renewable energy challenges facing the US and solutions that will serve the US to maximize efficiency, reduce CO2 generated, and provide consumers of all scale for the first time the opportunity to choose renewable energy and participate in being part of the solution.

How green is your electricity?

Clean power’s new best friend: the humble hot water heater

GridMobility is featured in article telling the attributes of your water heater for the smart grid future.

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GridMobility featured in TechFlash

GridMobility was recently featured as Startup of the Week in Seattle’s Technology News Source TechFlash.

“Kirkland’s GridMobility is seeking to shake things up in the power industry. The smart-grid company had developed software and connected hardware to allow customers to chose off-peak hours to run appliances.”

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“Time” writes about GridMobility