International Business and Tech: Making the World Smaller

There’s been this expectation that technology would continue to make the world a smaller place. This was true even before the advent of the internet, since we had better and faster planes and ships which allowed people and items to be more efficiently transported from country to country. In addition, countries began to relax their visa and other regulations so that the cumbersome paperwork needed in order to visit some other countries became a thing of the past. Nowadays, if you’re a national of certain countries, that will already allow you to visit certain other countries just with your passport and a ticket.

Of course, once the internet hit the scene, things exploded. Even the most basic form of the internet was a big deal because email allowed people to communicate with others around the world on a pretty much instantaneous basis. The same thing could be said for instant messaging. Many people grew up with some familiarity with software such as IRC and ICQ. Even these advances seem almost rudimentary looking back on them from where we are now. Thanks to increases in available bandwidth, it becomes a fairly straightforward matter to watch video being streamed on the internet. YouTube doesn’t just host uploaded content. You have live streaming available as well, and there are other sites that also do this. It remains to be seen how far this will go.

At the same time, even relatively more mundane processes and procedures have been changed by the internet. Consider that more people are doing international money transfers online. This has had effects that are more far ranging than people realize. Since it’s become much easier and less expensive to send and receive money across borders, more people have an easier time remitting money back home when they are working abroad. This takes away one of the pain points of the experience, and gives people the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they can help out with emergencies back home.

SEO Cannot be Ignored by Businesses

A lot of owners of small businesses still have the impression that if you build a website, the visitors will come. While it’s a good thing to have a website and online presence, having one set up doesn’t mean that there will be many people who will visit it and check it out. Some offline methods can help such as offline advertising, putting the business url on business cards and flyers and so on. But in the race to get your brand in front of consumers, it is vital that small businesses consider SEO as well.

For instance, SEO for New Zealand companies can be very important because it allows local companies to surface in the online searches carried out by people in New Zealand. If someone in the country searches for a place to buy solar panels, and you are a solar panel company in NZ, then you want to make sure that you come up in the search results. People are heavily dependent on Google for searches, so you need to be somewhere in Google’s results, or else your company will not benefit.